Citizens for
Douglas Barry
P.O. Box 19924
Baltimore, MD


Doug Barry

Historian, Political Philosopher, Veteran


I will not be an invisible Delegate that magically appears in election years. If one of my constituents contacts me about a concern of theirs, my office will promptly respond, and work to resolve issues wherever possible. I will be visible through my entire District, not just my neighborhood or the neighborhoods that support me.

Many of the neighborhoods in our District are being left behind. We have communities where the residents can't go outside after dark. Communities where the unemployment rate is far higher than the state average. Blocks where most of the houses are boarded up. The problems have started to spill into all of our neighborhoods. Young people especially, that feel that opportunities are passing them by, are resorting more often to criminal activity, sometimes violent.

I will work to bring opportunities into all of our communities. I will work to reverse policies that have discouraged businesses from moving into the area. I will look for ways to make it less costly to do business in Maryland. Improving the business climate will dramatically increase the number of opportunities for our residents.